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Eco-Friendly Green Flooring Products

Selecting the right flooring choice for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. The manufacturer has information about the product and its sustainability. Flooring products made from renewable resources like cork, palm and bamboo are better for the environment. Brands that use no VOC adhesives are the best ecologically and make the air safer for your family to breathe. Linoleum flooring can be purchased in a “true” form that is made with cork and linseed oil instead of processed plastic and chemicals.

Natural hardwood can be refinished and sealed. It is best if you have the wood sealed in a factory so the fumes do not out-gas in your home. You can buy eco-friendly wood finishes that are water-based and environmentally safe. Hardwood can also be made with reclaimed wood that in some instances can be higher quality than new wood. If you are replacing flooring that is still in good condition then you might want to consider recycling it to take part in the push for “green.”